Comic Reviews!!: Justice League and The Cape!


Justice League #6

Well here we are, at the end of the first story arc of Justice League. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s flagship title of the New DC universe has been an enjoyable action-heavy romp that doesn’t focus too much on the relationships between our characters, especially when villains’ faces need to be smashed in. Picking up where the previous issue left off, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are battling Darkseid, hoping to distract him from Batman, who has followed an kidnapped Superman to Apocalypse.  What follows is an extremely entertaining fight that is pretty violent as well.  Johns’ script keeps the action flowing, but does get a little hampered by dialogue from a bystander who goes on to write a novel about the heroes by issue’s end. There are some cheesy lines here, but that’s also a little expected in a comic about the Justice League.  You’re here for the action, and less for groundbreaking comic writing that will change the way you think.

Speaking of action, the fight between Darkseid and the remaining Leaguers is one of the coolest of the year so far, and extremely brutal. Seeing (SPOILER) Aquaman and Wonder Woman BOTH stab Darkseid in the eyes was wicked cool, and definitley showed you that they aren’t messing around here. The entire planet is at stake, and there is no room to be diplomatic now.  As expected, Jim Lee draws the hell out of this issue,  and his two page splash page of a freed Superman attacking Darkseid is one of the top images of the year.  We’re also treated to two teasers at the end of the issue, one for the next storyline (which will take place in modern day) and another that will take place later on, and focus on Pandora, the mysterious woman who appeared in all of the first issues of the DC relaunch.

Justice League #6 is the kind of bombastic action title that you would expect from DC’s main team.  The action is intense and brutal, and looks incredible. Sure there’s some pretty cheesy dialogue, but at the same time, it’s so cool seeing these heroes interact with one another (and having Jim Lee draw them) that you don’t even care. If you haven’t been reading Justice League there’s something clinically wrong with you.

The Cape #4 (of 4)

Speaking of people being clinically wrong themselves, I present to you the final issue of The Cape, in which our “hero” Eric hits another low. He’s already killed his ex-girlfriend and his mother, and now he’s going after his brother Nicky.  Starting with a haunting flashback, Jason Ciaramella paints a truly heartbreaking story of a younger brother who clearly has something wrong with him, yet his older brother still protects him, even now, when there is no turning back. Everything that has been building up since the one-shot last year comes to a head in this issue, where Eric waits for his brother atop the Prudential building in Boston.  What follows is a stunning and tragic end to our story, which will definitely go down as one of he top miniseries of the year.

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