Marvel vs. DC: Round Two!

Ladies and gents, the 90’s

Back in 1996, Marvel and DC decided to make as much money as they possibly could by launching DC Versus Marvel (or Marvel Versus DC, depending on the issue). As a ten-year-old kid, it blew my mind, especially the opening issue that featured Spider-man talking with The Joker.  The entire concept was really stupid, with the two universes being described as cosmic deities who decided to have their greatest champions battle one another once they notice each other.  The losing universe would cease to exist, although there was really no reason behind why the two brothers wanted to fight each other so badly. Five of the battles’ contenders were chosen by readers, which contained the obvious (Superman vs. Hulk) to the dumb (Aquaman vs. Sub-mariner), and led to the awesome “Amalgam” universe, which included the Batman/Wolverine mash up Dark Claw. MvD was the ultimate 90’s comic, and IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN AGAIN.
I can think of no better way to get new blood into comic book stores than having Marvel and DC throw down again.  DC’s “New 52” has helped some, but many newcomers are starting to get lost in the whole “what’s actually rebooted and what’s held over from the old stuff”, plus seeing five Batman titles doesn’t help ease the confusion. Marvel’s also been trying their hand at accessibility, in their own way of course, which means that we get event after event, “.1” issues, and renumbering whenever they feel like it. Since Marvel can’t stop themselves from having an event every six months, and we all know that DC will lead to an event soon, the two companies need to put aside their differences and give us a new, improved Marvel vs. DC throw down.
It’s been sixteen years since the original DC Versus Marvel, and eight years since their last crossover with Avengers/Justice League. As awesome as that event was, it’s time for some updated skirmishes. As I said before, the original MvD is a relic from the 90’s. Superman is rocking his mullet,  Wolverine has bone claws, Hulk is smart, and the Spider-man in the event is Ben Reilly (shudder). Even Superboy has his god-awful leather jacket.  The comic book world has changed so much since it was published that the characters that were popular then are not as popular as they are now. It’s time to kick out the dust and have the top characters on either side of the fence throw down. I’m talking Deadpool vs. Lobo, Nightwing vs. Daredevil, Damian Wayne vs. Kid Omega, Batman vs. Wolverine, Nova vs. Green Lantern, Ghost Rider vs. Etrigan, and of course, Hulk vs. Superman.  Throw in the teams, too! Have Uncanny X-Force take on Suicide Squad. Justice League Dark vs. The Defenders. Even let the Avengers and the Justice League have a rematch. Hell, the two companies could even have fans vote once again, except this time create a Facebook or Twitter event for it.
Name me one person who WOULDN’T want to see this
I’m curious about Avengers vs. X-Men, but to be honest, another Marvel/DC fight would be just what the doctor ordered for the comic book world.  If you told your buddies who go see the superhero films with you about Avengers vs. X-Men they might check it out, but I bet if you told them that Superman and The Hulk were going to fight again they’d be asking for directions to the nearest comic shop. While I understand that competition brings out the best in some situations, if Marvel and DC want to ensure that comic books can continue on, they need to do this event at some point in the near future. Who knows, maybe they already have, and I’ll get my wish of seeing the Amalgam universe’s Dark Claw on the comic rack once more.    

One Day

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  1. I wish i was alive when marvel and dc did that

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