Comic Reviews: The Guild and The Cape!


The Guild: Zaboo(one-shot)

The last The Guild one-shot is the best. Simply put, Felica Day’s latest (and final) installment of one-shots focusing on different members of the Knights Of Good is one of the most fun comics of the year, and I regret already writing my “Top Comics of 2011” before reading this. Focusing on Zaboo, this issue serves as a prequel to the entire series, and chronicles Zaboo trying to get to Codex, the event that kicks off the phenomenal Guild series.

Co-written by Day and Sandeep Parikh, the actor who plays Zaboo, the issue contains numerous hilarious asides that tie into different RPG style games and other video games. Many of these jokes had me laughing uncontrollably, and it makes this book extremely unique when compared with other books on the shelf. Hell, it even separates this issue from the other one-shots in this series.  We also get some great backstory about Zaboo’s time in grade school (it doesn’t end well), and the depiction of his mother’s Terminator-like ability to come to her son’s aid is hilarious.

This book is only made sweeter with the inclusion of Becky Cloonan’s art.  The artist for the new upcoming Conan book for Dark Horse, Cloonan’s art is so amazingly awesome in this issue that it’s hard to describe. Her panel layouts add to the jokes peppered throughout the book, and her splash page of Zaboo escaping his house is one of the greatest pages I’ve seen all year. There is more action and energy in that splash page then in some runs from the big two this past year. In fact, the big two could probably stand to take notice of Cloonan’s art in this book and take notes.

The Guild: Zaboo is an incredible, awesome, hilarious, and beautiful book. I can’t throw more positive comments at this book. This is the last of the Guild  one-shots, but I hope this isn’t the last we see from Felicia Day in comic books. This book (and this series) has shown how great the comic medium can work with already established properties, and I hope to god we get more. Buy this. Watch The Guild, buy the books, and enjoy the fact that your life is better for it.

Joe Hill’s The Cape #3 (of 4)

Ho. Lee. Shit. The latest issue of The Cape has one of the most bugnuts things I’ve ever seen in a comic book. Adapted from Joe Hill’s short story, the third issue finds Eric going after his mother, and the things he’s done so far pale in comparison to what happens in this issue. Jason Ciaramella script goes places that even I was surprised with, and Zach Howard’s art is insane. I can’t wait for the next issue. If you like seeing bad people do bad things, then you can’t go wrong with The Cape. 


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  1. I would like to read that please.

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