Comic Reviews: Deadpool and Detective Comics


Deadpool #47

Oh Deadpool. I’ve been with you from the beginning, even though the rest of the comic-reading world gave up on you a long time ago. Yet, for some reason, I can drop you. Oh, I tried, and actually got a few issues away from you. Until the introduction of “Evil Deadpool”, that is, then I promptly picked up the issues I’d missed and here we are, on our way to the “DEAD” story-arc. I may hate most of the people who are fans of you, but for some reason, I can’t drop you Wade.

This issue continues Deadpool’s fight with his evil doppelganger, a bizzarro Deadpool constructed out of body parts that had been lopped off of the Merc With A Mouth. Since Deadpool can regenerate, there’s no need for him to hold onto these parts, so of course, someone took them and made themselves and evil Deadpool. Last issue ended with Captain America showing up to kick Deadpool’s ass, mistakingly believing that the REAL Deadpool was responsible for all of the chaos his evil twin as caused.  Issue #47 picks up right where we left off, and opens with a pretty entertaining fight between Deadpool and Cap. I personally enjoy it more when Deadpool acts stupider than he is (as opposed to just throwing out one-liners), so this fight was a welcome addition to the issue. Deadpool escapes, and upon learning what his doppelganger has planned, he decides to do the same thing and steal his rival’s thunder, believing that in doing so, he’ll just do something else.

Deadpool’s plan is pretty surprising, and I’m impressed that writer Daniel Way decided to go in such a dark direction for the series. Of course, it’s Deadpool, and is presented in a very light-hearted way, but still, Deadpool kidnaps a kid. Not exactly Saturday morning cartoon stuff. Artist Salva Espin keeps the same art style that has become the standard “Deadpool look”.  To be honest though, I’d really like to see someone new take over art duties. At the very least, it would shake up the series enough so that each issue doesn’t look exactly the same.

Detective Comics #4

Well, looks like it took Tony Daniel four issues to fall back into the same old traps that he fell into with his previous Batman run. This means that the writing is, well, not up to snuff. This issue wraps up the story of new villain Dollmaker, and it pretty much happens as you would expect it to: Batman fights Dollmaker’s goons, another bad-guy’s henchman shows up, Batman escapes the death trap, Gordon is rescued, and Dollmaker escapes. Blah, blah, blah. Oh, there’s also an ending with Bruce and his new girlfriend (seriously, how many does he have at this point?) that is kind of random. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about this girl. Even Batman diehards like me are having a hard time finding positives with this issue. 


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