Comic Reviews: The Avenging Spider-man!


The Avenging Spider-man #1

It probably goes without saying that I’ve really been looking forward to Avenging Spider-man, the new ongoing starring the webbed wall-crawler. The first ongoing since “One More Day” made it so there would be only Amazing Spider-man, Avenging can also be considered as a relaunch of the classic Marvel Team-up series that also starred Spider-man. Oh, it’s also drawn by Joe Madureira, one of my absolute favorite artists of all time. It’s also written by Zeb Wells, one of the key writers of the “Brand New Day” era of Spidey, who has a knack for Spider-man sense of humor.

The issue starts off with a bang, as Spider-man and his fellow Avengers (both “new” and “classic”) are battling some giant AIM robots. After the battle, Spidey and Red Hulk head back to New York City, which is conveniently being attacked by the Mole Man’s moloids. What follows is a balls to the wall action packed comic, with Spidey and Rulk teaming up to try and put a stop to the invasion, which is happening during the famous NYC Marathon.

Zeb Wells’ script is fantastic, and keeps the action fast and furious. If Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-man is the character-driven book, then Wells’ Avenging is the action movie book. Focusing more on Spider-man in costume, this book features all of the adventure and suspense that longtime readers love about the character, and also allows him to team up with characters he may not get to meet every now and then. Joe Madureira’s art is back to its stellar self (after the setback that was Ultimates 3), and as long as he can keep up with the schedule of a monthly book, then we’re going to have a book that could quickly become a blockbuster. It goes without saying, but I cannot wait for the next issue.

Demon Knights #3
One of the “edge” titles of the new DC relaunch is Demon Knights, a very surprising and entertaining book from writer Paul Cornell and artist Diogenes Neves. Set in the medieval DC universe, Cornell’s adventures of Etrigan the Demon and his rag tag group of magicians and knights is one hell of a book, and is well worth your $3. Many of these characters are completely new to me, but I have had no problem diving right in. Cornell is able to give each character their own distinct voice, and Neves is an artist to keep your eye on in the coming months. There are a lot of offerings with the new DCU, and I hope that this book isn’t overlooked because of it.

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