Comic Reviews: Uncanny X-Men #1 and Blair Butler’s Heart!


Uncanny X-Men #1

Like Wolverine and The X-Men last week, this week sees the launch of another new number one X-book. This time it’s the relaunch of one of the few Marvel titles that has never been renumbered: Uncanny X-Men. Like Wolvie’s book, Uncanny stems from the recent events in Schism, except this time it focuses on the mutants who sided with Cyclops and are living on the island Utopia, off the coast of San Francisco.

The issue opens with Cyclops addressing Magneto, Storm, Namor, Colossus, and other members of his team, explaining his reasons for having them there. Essentially Cykes wants his X-Men team to act as a kind of West Coast Avengers, while also protecting their human race. Writer Keiron Gillen does an excellent job with Scott Summers’ dialogue here, as he expresses the need to protect the children at Wolverine’s school, despite the fact that the two of them came to blows during Schism. Later on, the team faces off against Mr. Sinister, one of my favorite Marvel villains, whom has taken an interest in a strange celestial creature off the coast of San Francisco.

The script by Gillen is very solid, but it’s Carlos Pacheco’s artwork that is the stand out here. My god, it’s pretty. Pacheco’s stellar line work and figures creates some amazing looking panels, even if the “Juggacolossus” still looks completely ridiculous. Like Wolvie’s team book last week, I went into this one cold (other than the fact that I knew Cyclops and Wolverine hate each other more now), and while it wasn’t as new-reader friendly as I wanted, it’s still a solid first issue, with plenty of action. I’ve always been more of a Wolverine guy, but I am intrigued about where this storyline goes.

Heart  #1 (of 4)

Written by G4’s comic reviewer Blair Butler, Heart is unlike many of the comics I typically read. Focusing not on capes but on MMA fighting, Butler’s comic tells the typical underdog tale of a young fighter getting into the ring. Kevin Mellon’s art is very suitable to the script, and I gotta say, I was really getting into the story. I know nothing about MMA fighting, but this book was still very accessible, and something you should definitely check out if you’re looking for something different for your pull list. 

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