Comic Reviews: Uncanny X-Force!


Uncanny X-Force #16

Ho. Lee. Shit. Uncanny X-Force issue 16 continues the unstoppably awesome run by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena. As the latest installment of the “Dark Angel Saga”, Uncanny X-Force gives us even more jaw-dropping moments and brutal violence than the previous few parts of the story.

The issue continues the story of the corruption of Warren Worthington, III,(aka Angel/Archangel) and his rise to become the heir to Apocalypse. With Wolverine incapacitated and Psylocke held prisoner by  Archangel, it falls on Deadpool and Fantomex to defeat Archangel’s new horsemen. And my god, does this book deliver. Remender keeps the action moving at a lightning pace, and his characterization of the different members is spot on, especially with Deadpool, a character whom many has considered to have outlasted his welcome in the Marvel Universe. This book is proof positive that Deadpool can still be a great character when written well, and if Remender was revealed to be the new writer of Deadpool’s solo series I would immediately pick it up again. Deadpool’s inner monologue where he regrets forgetting to feed his cat had me laughing uncontrollably, something that the Merc With A Mouth’s solo book has been able to get me to do in a long time.

Jerome Opena’s art is one fire with this issue as well. He is able to depict jaw droppingly gorgeous scenes one minute, and unspeakably brutal ones next. There was so much blood in this book that  Iwas amazed it was even published by Marvel. Wolverine’s return was not only right on time, but one of the coolest entrances the character has ever had. I particularly love his depiction of Archangel, a character that I have never liked until I started reading this book.

Uncanny X-Force is the BEST BOOK Marvel is publishing right now. It is leaps and bounds better than everything else they have out there. If you haven’t been reading this book there is something medically wrong with you.

Legion Of Monsters #1

Whoa, talk about a pleasant surprise. As a fan of Marvel’s monsters, I picked up Legion Of Monsters ready to read it and feel let down. However, Dennis Hopeless’ first of a four issue miniseries is a hell of a lot of fun, and Juan Doe’s art has a very light and kinetic feel to it. The story follows Elsa Bloodstone as she hunts down the Legion Of Monsters. Believing that they are responsible for the mysterious set of murders, Elsa tracks them to their underground lair, which houses members Morbius, Manphibian, Werewolf By Night, and The Living Mummy. After finding out that they are actually hunting monsters, they are soon attacked by a monster that is captured by the Legion, and then the fun begins. While there may not have been a whole lot that happened in this issue, this was still a super fun set-up issue, and I highly recommend to people who are looking for something a little different in their funny book reading. 

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