Movie Review: 50/50

Movie Review! 

Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard
Directed By: Jonathan Levine

50/50 is a film that takes a hilarious and heartbreaking look at cancer. Levitt stars as Adam, a 27 year old who works at the Seattle NPR station. Everything seems to be looking up for him, except for the day when he is told that he has a cancerous tumor growing in his spine. Along with his best friend Kyle (played by Rogen), Adam begins the long road to recover, and must face the fact that he only has a 50% chance of surviving his battle.

Joseph Cordon-Levitt is fantastic in the film, and really showcases his range in the film, as Adam at first is optimistic, yet slowly becomes more and more angry and depressed as the film goes on. Rogen walks the line between being a dick and being hilarious, and I honestly think this is one of his best roles. His character is extremely supportive of Adam in his own way, and the scene in which he confronts Adam and his girlfriend Rachel (Howard) about her cheating is fantastic and hilarious. Yes, Bryce Dallas Howard’s character CHEATS on Adam, who has cancer. Pretty low. Pretty, pretty low.

Anna Kendrick plays Katherine, a doctorate student who is Adam’s psychologist. As Adam’s treatment continues, the two slowly develop a relationship that is very sweet, and you really start to root for the couple towards the end of the film. Of course, Adam’s condition worsens as the film progresses too, and the emotional weight of Adam’s disease is really felt by the viewer.

Director Jonathan Levine has taken writer Will Reiser’s true tale of his survival of cancer and made the unthinkable: a sweet and heartwarming movie about cancer. This is a fantastic film that boasts many great performances by the cast. 50/50 will take you on the emotional roller coaster ride of the year, and is well worth your time.

3 1/2 Seth Rogen chuckles out of 4


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