Comic Reviews: The Final week of the New DCU!


Aquaman #1

Yes, Aquaman. The Defender of the Coasts is back in his own monthly title as part of the New 52, and it’s good. Really, really good.

A lot of this is thanks to the creative team of Geof Johns and Ivan Reis, who craft a very funny and cool take on the Aquaman, and the fact that he’s basically the bottom of the barrel when it comes to superheroes.  Johns has created some awesome character moments here, and I love how Aquaman interacts with the civilians around him, all of whom essentially mock him to his face. At the same time we get hints to a new species of terrifying sea creatures, whom seem hungry for blood.  Arthur Curry is the underdog of our story, and it’s the moments where he’s trying to explain his telepathic control over sea life to a blogger that really show that Curry is starting to get tired of being the butt of everyone’s jokes.

Ivan Reis’ art is phenomenal in this issue. The opening in which Aquaman takes out some bank robbers (in Boston, no less) was really well done, and Reis makes Aquaman look like a member of royalty, which is a great contrast to his surroundings, especially when he stops in at a local fish restaurant. His design for the new monstrosities that Aquaman will be facing are wicked cool as well, and I can’t wait to see him throw down with them. A cross between The Creature From The Black Lagoon and Moray Eels, these beings, called “The Trench” have a great visual look.

Aquaman sets the stage for what I hope will be a really interesting take on a character that I honestly believe could be awesome if done correctly. Judging by this first issue, I think we’re in safe hands here. Between Johns’ awesome (and funny) script to Reis’ art, this is one of the top books of the new DCU, which is not something I would have thought three years ago.  This is a definite must buy. Seriously.

New Avengers #16.1

Yes, the “.1 initiative” at Marvel is STILL going on. However, this one sets the stage for the big story for this year’s run of New Avengers issues: the return of Norman Osborn. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, and with art by the legendary Neal Adams, this stand alone issue has the New Avengers attempt to secure the transport of Norman Osborn to a new prison, and it does not go smoothly. Bendis’ knack for dialogue is still here, even if all of the characters kind of sound the same, and he creates a really awesome way for Osborn to gain his freedom. Unfortunately it seems like the years have not been kind to Neal Adams, as his art is simply not up to par with his stellar work from the 1970s on titles like Batman and Green Arrow. It’s a shame too, because the issue’s story was pretty cool.  Oh well. 


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