Comic Reviews: The NEW Spider-man!


Ultimate Fallout #4 (0f 6)

Change is in the air in the Ultimate universe. After breaking the internet in half yesterday, Marvel has released the latest issue of Ultimate Fallout, the miniseries which explores the Ultimate Marvel universe after the death of Peter Parker.  Essentially serving as a set up for the next Ultimate relaunch, the book allows writers Brian Michael Bendis, Nick Spencer, and Jonathan Hickman to present us with a taste of what’s to come, and show off some pretty pictures. But that’s not why this particular issue is of importance. No. This issue introduces the new Spider-man for the Ultimate universe.

And he’s black.

Actually he’s half African American and half Hispanic. Yes, this issue introduces Miles Morales, another individual who somehow has similar abilities to Peter Parker. We get a quick introduction to him, then head over to the other members of the Ultimate universe. Literally we only see him for about six pages of the entire issue. However, those pages are really well done, as Bendis’ signature knack for writing the wall-crawler doesn’t seem to have been affected by the new person swinging around in the Spidey suit.  Sarah Pichelli handles the art for these scenes, and they are extremely well done and settle some of my fears about the new artist for this SECOND relaunch of the Ultimate universe (one of the reasons I gave up on the last volume of Ultimate Spider-man was due to David LaFuente’s art), and I particularly like the bystander’s reactions to Morales’ costume choice.  We also get an idea of some of the villains this new Spidey will face.

Of course I’m not surprised that we only get a few pages of Miles as Spidey, but at the same time, I’m a little annoyed that it’s so quick. To be honest though, I’m now actually going to pick up Ultimate Spider-man when it relaunches next month, which is something I never thought I’d do, as the Ultimate universe is pretty much dead to me by this point. I just stopped caring about it really. The other stories fell flat for me, mainly because I just don’t care about them. But in regards to the new Spidey, Marvel’s (GASP!) doing something different, which is exactly what the Ultimate Universe should do. As a standalone issue it’s a pass, but as a teaser for the new Ultimate Spider-man series, it’s worth checking out, even if it is only about 6 pages.

Severed #1 (of 7)

With Severedwriter Scott Snyder continues his dominance over comic books. Alongside co-writer Scott Tuft and artist Atilla Futaki, this new series from Image weaves a horror tale set in 1916, and follows Jack Garron as he tries to live the hobo life. However, something very dangerous is coming, and there is a great sense of doom coming for this character. We’re teased at this from the very beginning, as we meet Garron when his is an old man, and he’s missing something important that he has as a child.  We’re also introduced to Mister Porter, a character who may go down as the Hannibal Lecter of comics. The script by the two Scotts is solid as expected, but it’s the art by Futaki that really sticks. It’s extremely moody and spooky, but it’s also strangely beautiful. Severed is another home run by Snyder, and a must by if you’re looking to get the crap scared out of you.

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