Comic Reviews: Fear Itself vs. Flashpoint


Fear Itself #4 (of 7)

It seems like it took Fear Itself four issues to finally get going. Oh wait, that’s because it has. The big Marvel event finally starts ramping up in the action department, after Bucky’s completely expected death last issue. While this issue finds even more non-surprises, it at least keeps the action going, and gets the plot moving faster than a snail’s pace.

Matt Fraction’s script has some pretty great moments in this issue, especially Iron Man’s attempt to appeal to Odin. His “offering” is pretty powerful, and ties in perfectly with Tony Stark’s famous battle with the bottle. Thor brings the fight to The Serpent, even though it is prophesied that he will fall after killing him. Also, it should come as no surprise that Steve Rodgers returns as Captain America. In fact, I didn’t put a spoiler alert in front of this review because it was pretty obvious from the get go. He does have a movie coming out in 2 weeks you know.

Stuart Immonen’s pencil work is great. His depiction of the chaos in Manhattan finally gives this event the grand scope that we’ve been promised, but I’m still wondering where the aspect of “fear” fits into this event. All of the promo images leading up to this event hinted at many of the Marvel heroes facing their respective fears, and yet there haven’t been too many examples of this. We were also told that “real-world” problems would be talked about in the event, and unless Washington, D.C. was attacked by giant Nazi robots in the past week, I don’t think we’ve gotten those either. The fourth issue of Fear Itself finally showed the potential for the series, let’s hope it continues the streak.

Flashpoint #3 (of 5)

On the flip side, we have Flashpoint, DC’s summer event that started off strong and gets better with each issue. This issue finds Barry Allen and Batman recruiting Cyborg in helping them find the Flashpoint universe Superman. Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert once again expertly balance showing us the actual story, but also another glimpse into one of the Flashpoint spin-off, this time Lois Lane and The Resistance. Those interested in how the Wildstorm universe will fit into the DC relaunch in September should be sure to seek this issue out. The big reveal regarding Superman is pretty awesome, and once again, I find myself waiting the next issue of this mini-series like a kid waiting for Christmas. 

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