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Comic Reviews!!!

Detective Comics #878

Scott Snyder and Jock’s stellar run on Detective Comics is reaching its end, but not before Dick Grayson uncovers the mystery behind Tiger Shark.  The third part of “Hungry City” finds Dick Grayson at the mercy of Tiger Shark, a pirate who is responsible for killing a woman and leaving her body in the belly of a whale. Which was found in the lobby of a new bank in Gotham. While this issue is another solid entry from the creative team, I do feel like they included a lot in the issue to wrap things up in time for the upcoming September DC relaunch.

Not only does Dick Grayson come face to face with Tiger Shark, but he also meets up with James Gordon’s possible psychotic son, James Jr. This scene between the two is fantastic, as Dick and James reminice about the past, and Snyder really sells this relationship between the two. However, it does feel a little rushed, which is probably attributed to the DC relaunch (again). Jock’s art is awesome, especially the scene at the end when GrayBat confronts the daughter of Tony Zuccho at night. And the ending of this issue is jaw-dropping.

Walking Dead #86

Once again, what is there to say about The Walking Dead that hasn’t already been said? We’re still in the aftermath of “No Way Out”, and Rick’s son Carl is showing little sign of recovering from his wounds, despite Rick’s optimism. Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard give us another character issue, in which we catch up with Angela and others, as well as see the groundwork for Rick’s plans to expand on the community that we live in. It seems that things may be looking up for Rick and his crew. But, fans of The Walking Dead know by now that once things start looking up, something terrible is just around the corner. 


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