The Mighty Comic Reviews!


The Mighty Thor #1

The god of thunder has a movie coming out next week, which of course means that Marvel is going to be launching a new Thor series, with a new number one. Mighty Thor acts pretty much as a continuation of Matt Fraction’s previous run on Thor, which doesn’t strike me as making this issue as new-reader friendly as Marvel would like.
The issue begins with some pretty stellar scenes with The Silver Surfer and Galactus, with the customary dialogue that has become a staple of any appearance by the Surfer. As a fan of the guy, anytime I get to see him in a book I’m happy, and I’m curious to see how his and Galactus’ inclusion here plays out in future issues. We then change places to a Broxton, Oklahoma church, in which the local pastor is giving a pretty interesting sermon regarding man’s place in a world filled with gods and super-powered beings. I found these parts of the book to be very interesting, and I actually wish they lasted a little longer.
After this, we then switch to Asgard, where much of the issue takes place. Picking up from Matt Fraction’s previous story, Thor and Sif must travel to the root of the world tree and pluck out its seed for Odin. This proves to be easier said than done, as the tree uses “anti-body” type creatures to help battle intruders. As Thor and Sif become overwhelmed by the world tree creature, Loki (still in child-size) arrives to assist his brother, which allows him to retrieve the seed.
Matt Fraction dialogue is killer here, ably shifting from introspective (for the scenes with The Surfer and the pastor) to witty and charming (Thor’s reactions to Sif and the creature, Loki). However, I wish there was more of a reason for why the Surfer is bookending this issue, and being featured on the cover. The art by Oliver Coipel is phenomenal though. His layouts are breathtaking. While it may not appeal to newbies who are walking out of the cineplex, Thor followers will get a kick out of this issue.

Avengers #12.1

Now THIS is an Avengers book! Brians Bendis and Hitch deliver the latest “.1” issue, and it’s a doozy. Steve Rodgers sends out a search and rescue team to find Spider-woman after she goes missing on an assignment for S.W.O.R.D., and what they find is a whole new threat that has given birth to the return of an old enemy, who makes all of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes tremble. Bryan Hitch’s art here is fantastic, and a HUGE step up from John Romita, Jr.’s rush jobs of late. I had been considering dropping Avengers after the last storyline, but not now. I’m fully on board for this, and can’t wait to see the reveal here pay off down the road.


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