Comic Reviews: Fear Itself


Fear Itself #1 (of 7)

 And so begins the latest Marvel mega-event Fear Itself. This first issue feels less like the openings of a company wide event and more like a Thor and Captain America crossover. However, it’s still pretty sweet, and sets the stage for some pretty exciting things to come.

The issue begins with Steve Rodgers and Sharon Carter attempting to quell a riot between citizens who are rioting over a certain hot button topic regarding a religious building being assembled in New York City. At the same time Sin, the daughter of the Red Skull, finds the mystical hammer she has been searching for.  After she picks it up, she is given the power of the hammer and becomes Skadi. As she plummets deep into the ocean, she uncovers the mysterious “true” All-Father, who was hidden and banished by Odin many years ago. At the same time, Tony Stark announces that he will be rebuilding Asgard, and employing people from Broxton, Oklahoma and the surrounding towns. His hope is that his will help kick start the economy a little bit, and help quell some of the fears that many of the town’s citizens have. The issue ends with the “All-Father” sending to Earth a series of weapons for those he deem “The Worthy”, and Odin demanding that all Asgardians leave Earth immediately, after beating down his son Thor.

The script by Matt Fraction blends the real-world events with the fantastical Asgardian ones pretty well, but as I said before, this doesn’t really feel like a big, universe changing events just yet. Granted this is the start up issue, and the nuggets of potential are all here. The art by Stuart Immonen is fantastic, and helps to create a cohesion between the fantastical and the practical. I’m definitely going to be following the story, but I hope the next installment explores the effects this will have on the Marvel universe outside of just Captain America and Thor.

Nonplayer #1

I’ll be completely honest, I had no idea what Nonplayer was until my boss at Jetpack Comics started tweeting about it the other day. After checking out some preview pages online, I was sold just on the art alone. Nate Simpson’s art is fantastic. The world he has created in just one issue has blown my mind, and while the story may make a lot of people think of The Guild (in fact, I had a hard time not picturing Felicia Day as the main character), the story is still pretty cool, and the art alone makes this a worthy purchase.

The story of Nonplayer so far involves a girl who plays a futuristic video game, in which it is obvious that she is much more comfortable there than in real life. This World Of Warcraft/Jurassic Park world is an amazing sight to behold. Everything about the art in this book pops off the screen, and the fluidity between the panels is some of the best I’ve seen in the past few years. While I wasn’t fully of aware of Nate Simpson before, I’ll most definitely seek out work he’s done in the past. This is a world that I would love to see more of, and I’ll be picking up the next issue. At only $2.99, this issue is worth it if you’re curious, and if you didn’t get it before, the art alone is worth the price.


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