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The Avengers #10

 We’ve now reached the next installment of the Infinity Gauntlet saga in Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr.’s Avengers series, and while we learn of the different locations of the other infinity gems that The Hood is looking for, not much else happens in the issue.

The issue starts with Namor, Red Hulk, and Thor traveling deep, deep into the ocean to find one of the gems that The Hood needs to power the Infinity Gauntlet. If you guessed that The Hood getting the gauntlet is a bad thing, then you’re today’s winner. We then move on to where Professor X is hiding his gem, which is protected by the broken danger room’s fail safe program. Oh, then we move to Area 51, which is owned by Tony Stark now, and The Hood is there. He then uses the gems to teleport to the next gem’s location, and then the issue ends.

If that sounded brief, than let me assure you, that’s basically it from this issue. Maybe it was the fact that the comic included the entire first issue of Heroes For Hire, but I felt like nothing happened in this issue. Sure there are some great lines of dialogue from Spider-man and the Avengers members with Prof. X, but Romita’s art in this issue looked really sloppy and rushed, which is not what you want your top team book to look like. The previous issues in this run have been very good, so my hope is that this is just a fluke filler issue.

Gotham City Sirens #20

Gotham City Sirens is a title that I started picking up around the time of the “Batman: Reborn”  era of Batman  a year ago, and I eventually stopped picking up the title after the first arc. The series follows Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn in their attempts to become heroes after the events of Battle For The Cowl. While I got bored with the series quickly, the solicits promising the return of the Joker in this issue made me add it to my pull list.

While Mr. J doesn’t make an appearance in this issue, his presence is felt throughout it. So far, the story follows Harley Quinn as she breaks into Arkham Asylum to kill her former puddin’. Writer Peter Calloway uses this scenario to really flesh out Harley’s pre-criminal days, and how intelligent she really is. We get some great scenarios of her pulling the strings on former co-workers and patients, and that really helps the fact the Joker doesn’t show up in the series. The issue is more of a showcase for Harley, a character that often times is just used as a sidekick of The Joker.

The art duties are handled by Andrew Guinaldo and Ramon Bachs, and their layouts for the flashbacks are incredibly original and evoke a great sense of dread and mood for all of the stories they tell. While I haven’t been reading Gotham City Sirens for some time now, I’ll definitely be following this storyline.

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