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I cannot wait for February break.


The Amazing Spider-man #654.1

First things first: this special “.1” issue for new readers does not feature Spider-man. In fact, the wall-crawler’s alter ego is the only appearance of the titular character, so don’t let the cover fool ya. However, I get the feeling that if Marvel had titled this issue Venom .1 it may not sell as well.

That’s right, the focus of this special issue to get new readers on board focuses around everyone’s favorite tongue waving symbiote: Venom! I’m not entirely sure if this story could count as “new-reader” friendly, but it does a great job of introducing us to not only the new Venom, but the tone of his upcoming solo adventures as well.  As Marvel has previously spoiled, Venom is now under the control of the government, who just a few issues ago had ripped the alien costume off of Mac Gargan (aka The Scorpion), whom had been the villain for the past four years or so. So, now with Flash Thompson in the suit, Venom sets off on his new assignment. Dan Slott quickly fills us in on this new status quo, which not only gives the character a reason to use the suit, but also explains the limitations that he does have in it (the symbiote can only be worn for 48 hours, or it will bond permanently to the host).  Humberto Ramos returns on art, and his style is much more subdued than recent issues, which is a good thing. The last thing I wanted to see was a huge disproportional Venom, although we do get a quick scene of that as well.
 While the point of this issue may not get new Spider-man fans on board, it will most likely get some folks to pick up the new Venom ongoing next month. I’ve been curious about this direction since it was announced, and I really enjoyed the espionage and spy thriller take on the character, especially when the symbiote’s abilities get mixed in with spy tech. If you’re interested in the character of Venom, or are just curious about the new direction, then you should definitely pick this up.

Silver Surfer #1 (of 5)

The Silver Surfer has finally returned in his own mini-series, and while it’s not Silver Surfer:Requiem, it’s still pretty good. After helping his master Galactus heal by pulling him into a STAR, Norrin Rad flies back to his foster home, Earth. While there, he oversees a young couple being interrogated by some high tech paramilitary soldiers, and he steps in to help. Soon afterwards the High Evolutionary shows up,  and causes some very big changes in Mr. Surfer’s life.

Greg Pak handles this opening issue very well, and while I thought that it dragged a little in the middle, the ending of the book was fantastic, and I definitely want to check out the next issue. Steven Segovia handles the art, and even though it has a ’90’s feel to it, I still enjoyed it. The fact that there’s a solo Silver Surfer series out again makes me very happy, even if it is just a five issue mini-series. Here’s hoping that the next issue is just as good!

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  1. I like your new spoiler text 🙂

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