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Today we revisit Batman and Robin and party like it’s the 1990s with Onslaught Unleashed!


Batman and Robin #20

After the extreme dissapointment that was Paul Cornell’s “The Absence” run, I was completely against even picking up this book. I had dropped it and never wanted to look back, which was a big surprise for me as the book used to be my favorite Bat-book. Well, thanks to a coworker’s recommendation I picked up this new arc by writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason. All I can say is this: whoa.

From the first page Tomasi’s characterization of every major Bat-member is spot on, from Tim Drake to Bruce Wayne himself. Of course, Batman and Robin focuses on Dick Grayson as Batman and Damien Wayne as Robin, and Tomasi’s banter between the two of them is fantastic. The issue follows the new dynamic duo trying to solve the mysterious death of an “angel” whom apparently commits suicide at a big gala event that Dick is attending. This leads to some great forensic work by the team, and an awesome scene between Damien and Commissioner Gordon. As they try to follow the trail of this death, they come across Kirk Langstrom, aka Man-Bat, aka one of my favorite Batman villains.

Tomasi and Patrick Gleason have done some phenomenal work in the past on books like Green Lantern Corps and the AMAZING Black Adam miniseries. All signs are looking towards this run being another home fun for the team, and I can’t wait to pick up the next issue. Between this and Scott Snyder and Jock’s run on Detective Comics, fans of Dick Grayson Batman should be loving life right now.

Onslaught Unleashed #1(of 4) 

Well I should’ve expected as much from a comic that was bringing back Onslaught, the character who basically ruined Marvel in the 90’s.  The story centers around the female Bucky (aka Nomad) from the “Heroes Reborn” pocket universe, and how she and the other members of the “Young Allies” need to go to Columbia to find their lost teammate. Steve Rodgers orders her not to go and instead decides to bring the Secret Avengers to the South American country as it ties in with their investigation of Roxxon. Once they get there, strange things start happening, and guess who possesses Bucky by the end? Yep, Onslaught.

I suppose the main reason why this issue left me so flat is that I have no idea who any of the Young Allies are. With the exception of the new Spider-Girl, I’ve never heard of any of the characters, and to me the idea of Nomad is incredibly stupid, primarily because it came out of the horrendous Onslaught Reborn by Jeph Loeb and Rob Liefeld, who is quite possibly the absolute worst comic book artist of all time.  Writer Sean McKeever does his best, but the entire issue feels like padding, even for a four-issue miniseries, and even though I really Filipe Andrade’s art here, it’s still not enough to convince me to pick up the next issue.


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