Comic Reviews! Walking Dead: No Way Out! Ultimate Cap #1

Alright, I’ve calmed down a little after the whole Andrew Garfield “Hipster Spidey” ordeal. There are pictures online that look a little better, but still, how are they going to hide all of that hair in the Spider-man mask?  Anyways……


The Walking Dead #80

 And so begins “No Way Out”, the latest chapter in Robert Kirkman’s saga. Where we last left Rick Grimes and Co., Rick was just named the new leader of survivors residing in the gated community, and after an attack on their sanctuary by other survivors, the members find a herd of walkers swarming their gates.

While we know that the other foot has been treatening to drop for some time now, it doesn’t take away from any of the tension in this issue, and we get some great character moments from both former community leader Douglas, but also Rick’s son Carl, who is quickly becoming one of the stand out characters of the book. Watching his character go from a young, innocent child to a hardened little badass is both chilling and heartbreaking. Kirkman and Adlard’s work on this series continues to impress, and the ending of the issue points to some big changes for Rick in the coming months.

Ultimate Captain America #1 (of 4)

Holy crap. It’s only the first week of the new year, and already Ultimate Captain America has some of the best action I’ve seen in a comic this year. This should come as no surprise as the creative team behind the fantastic Wolverine: Weapon X series is handling this mini-series exploring some of he secrets of what took place in the Ultimate universe while Cap was on ice.

Writer Jason Aaron’s take on Steve Rodgers is a little more “gung-ho” than his 616 counterpart, but his fantastic voice shines through in the other characters. In the Ultimate universe, Steve Rodgers is not a great stealth man. Instead, he’s the guy who will run in, grab the hostages, and kill every bad guy in the room. He’s more “shock and awe” than “clandestine killer”, and there’s a great line from ultimate Hawkeye regarding this. The final reveal of the enemy here is pretty cool, and I can’t wait to see his story.  Ron Garney’s pencils are fantastic. There’s a real sense of fluidity in his images, especially when Rodgers and his masked enemy throw down at a helipad. I’m definitely intrigued as to where this goes, and I hope that it can live up to the promise shown here.  


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