That is the sound of my inner Spider-man nerd looking at this:

As you all know, I am a Spider-man fanatic. I have stuck with the character through thick and thin. Through “The Clone Saga”, through “One More Day“. Hell, I even played the Spider-man: Friend Or Foe videogame. When I heard that Sony had decided to reboot the Spidey movie series, I was both upset and kind of relieved. For one thing, I wouldn’t have to watch Kirsten Dunst play Mary Jane ever again, but I was also hoping that Sam Raimi could come back and make up for Spider-man 3‘s dance numbers and underuse of Venom. Through all of the casting announcements, villain rumors (including that absolutely idiotic “Proto-Goblin” one) and discussions of including Peter Parkers PARENTS in the movie, I held hope, all because I want the best for my favorite superhero.

What I wasn’t expecting was a film crossover with Twilight. Look, I know this is a gut reaction, but come on. Look at that. If it was even a possibility that Sony wasn’t listening to the fans before, then this is all but a confirmation of it.  Word on the street is that they are going to be basing this film more on the “Ultimate” universe Spider-man, so let’s take a look at him:

Now maybe it’s just me, but Mark Bagley’s depiction of a teenage nerd doesn’t look like Edward Cullen. So let’s try David LaFuente’s version. Granted, its his art that made me drop the book, but let’s look just for argument’s sake:

Hmmm, nope. No sparkly Spidey here either.

Look, I completely understand that I’m overreacting here, but Spider-man is my absolute favorite comic book character (although Batman is a close second). He is the person who I strive to emulate even to this day. He is all about trying to do the absolute best, and never giving up. I know it sounds like I’m just sitting here bashing it (probably like every other Spider-man fan online), but because I love this character so much, I expect nothing but the best. I expect other creators to “get” the character like I do, and I definitely don’t want whatever cultural fad to invade it and mutate the character into something he’s not. I guess what it gets down to is that even with the minimal excitement I had, I am immensely disappointed in this creative choice. Hopefully Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield, and Emma Stone can prove me otherwise.

Prove me wrong guys, please

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