Ten More Days Till Christmas…..

That title was a shock to my system. Hard to believe that in ten short days I’ll be getting some sweet gifts, not unlike the one I’m about to give to you, dear reader.


Sorry, folks. This is the variant cover

Green Lantern #60

Despite being the only non-Batman DC book that I pick up, Green Lantern was a title that was dangerously close to being on the chopping block for me, as the post-“Brightest Day” storyline seemed to be treading a lot of water. Essentially now that there is a “white lantern” on Earth, all of the entities of the different corps (green, yellow, blue, etc.) are being drawn to our planet. However, Hal Jordan has been spending the previous six issues or so trying to figure out why this happens, and deal with the fact that each entity possesses a new person each issue.

While issue 60 does fall into the possession trap, at least a Parallax-possessed Flash looks really cool. Doug Mahnke gives the scarlet speedster a long, gaunt look, and his interactions with Hal are very well written. seeing as how Hal was the first to be possessed by the yellow entity, it’s fitting that he should try to persuade it to leave his friend for him. Just as Hal gathers the other colored lanterns to help him, the mysterious figure who has been summoning the entities arrives, and though I’m not that familiar with him, DC history mastermind Geoff Johns still makes it a cool moment. Green Lantern may have been lagging for the past few months, but it looks to me like it’s back on track, just in time for the upcoming movie.

Such a cool cover. Such a dumb comic.

What If?: Spider-man: Grim Hunt

“Grim Hunt” ran through Amazing Spider-man this summer, and it served as one of the best recent Spidey stories (even if it did undo the awesome “Kraven’s Last Hunt”). In keeping with Marvel’s yearly “What If” revival, we now get the answer to the question “what if Spider-man killed Kraven the Hunter in ‘Grim Hunt’?”

I hate to say it, but I was pretty disappointed in this issue. The focus of the story is all over the place, bouncing between Peter Parker and Arana, the teenager now known as Spider-girl. This issue got off to a very promising start, but once Peter takes up the mantle of *SPOILER* the man he killed, I completely lost interest. And maybe it was just me, but the beginning of the issue implies that Spidey kills the entire Kravinoff clan, but then when we see him sitting on his throne (dressed as Kraven, no less), the entire clan is alive, and chained to his throne. What?

It’s a shame that this issue wasn’t as good as I was hoping, as there was a lot of potential with this story. As you guys know, I’m a huge Spider-man fan, and a fan of Marvel’s “What If” series, so the two of them together should have been awesome. Instead we get a comic that starts off pretty strong, but then is over way too soon and doesn’t leave much of an impact. Oh well. At least the cover is cool.


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