The Saga Continues…..and The Wallet Empties…..

How about a Han and Lando sitcom?

Another year, another Star Wars rumor. Apparently George Lucas is rumored to be mulling over the idea of a new Star Wars trilogy, which should come as a surprise to no one who’s seen the box office records being broken by the Harry Potter series, The Dark Knight, and Pocahontas in Space Avatar. Ol’ Georgie’s decision is obviously a monetary one, but the idea that maybe, just maybe he could hand the directing reins over to people who grew up with the original trilogy makes my excitement jump to hyperspace.

Much of these unsubstantiated rumors swirl around the fact that we may not see the Skywalker clan at all, which is completely fine with me. It would be much easier for Lucas to either go far into the future or the past and tell a completely new story, with new characters and storylines. This way he avoids screwing up the already convoluted post-original trilogy  timeline. Although seeing the “Heir To The Empire” trilogy  or the Star Wars: Legacy comic series would be pretty sweet. However, the last thing I want to see is a fat Luke Skywalker and a grumpelstilksen Han Solo shuffling around the Millenium Falcon.

Grumble grumble…something about par secs….grumble

As I said before, if these rumors do end up being true, (even though they’ve been denied since the news leaked), the best way would be to introduce new characters and stories set far away from the previous movies. Lucas isn’t getting any younger, and a lot of fans (myself included) would love for the taste of the prequel trilogy to be washed from our mouths. If Lucas is smart, he would come up with the over-arching story of these “new movies”, and then let the best of the best write and direct them. I’m sure filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, JJ Abrams, and others would love to work on a series that they grew up loving, and George owes it to us, the fans, to have Star Wars go out on top again.

There’s too much potential to NOT make more movies

Of course, if these movies don’t pan out, I’d love for The Force Unleashed to become a movie within the trilogies……

Seriously, how can someone NOT want to see this?

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