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Hey guess what? My car stalled on the way home. TWICE.  But that’s okay, cause it’s WEDNESDAY!!!!


Carnage #1 ( of 5)

As a child of the 90’s, I read a lot of comics from the nineties. Because of this, I have a weird fascination with gimmicky covers and storylines, as well as with some “extreme” characters. None of these characters can be more extreme than the one and only Carnage, one of Spider-man’s deadliest foes. Within a few months after his first appearance, Carnage was everywhere. While he may have been the reason for the first good Spidey gamehe also started to outstay his welcome, and he was ripped in half by the Sentry and thrown into space in the first New Avengers story arc.

However, everything old is new again, and after a long hiatus, Carnage has returned!   Wait…he doesn’t show up in the first issue? And isn’t even on the COVER? Oh Marvel.

The issue starts out with the return of the Spider-Doppelganger, another 90’s villain who was feature in the “Maximum Carnage” storyline. He’s apparently chasing after an armored car, and Iron Man intercepts the chase. After calling in Spidey for backup, the two subdue the creature, but not before it is shot by two new superheroes who arrive on the scene. At the end of the issue we find out what has been held inside of the van: the Carnage symbiote (as well as Shriek, the villainess from “Maximum Carnage”).

Aside from this feeling like the unofficial sequel to “MC”, this issue is okay. It definitely feels like a set up issue, and I hope to see the pace pick up in the next issue. Clayton Crain’s art still has that wonderfully distorted look, and his gorgeous images definitely take some of the sting away from the $3.99 price. For now though, wait for the trade.

Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall #1

It’s here! It’s here! Mark Millar’s blockbuster franchise has returned, and most likely because there are rumblings for a movie version of this sequel as well. Kick-Ass 2 retains the crass, foul language, and violence of the original series, and already presents us with a natural progression for the characters.
The issue starts with Dave, aka Kick-Ass, being trained by Hit-Girl, aka Mindy McCready. Seeing these two characters interact with one another again was a real treat, and John Romita Jr.’s art for this series continues to be some of his best. We soon learn that after the events of the first story, Dave has become a pretty good fighter, and is in talks with some other “myspace heroes” to form a team. After a humorous introduction to Dr. Gravity, Dave finally gets to meet with a team of other heroes.

While it may seem like not much happens in this issue, it’s great to see Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. return to these characters and allow us to catch up with them. Watching Mindy as she tries to adjust to “civilian” life is hilarious, and I never get tired of reading Kick-Ass’ reasons for wanting to be a hero. Kick-Ass 2 is a must read for fans of the original, and with any luck will continue the winning streak that Millar and Romita Jr. had with the previous series.

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  1. Were these comics merely extreme, or were they XTREME!!??

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