How’s Your Pancreas?

Friday night I watched a movie.

Repo Men (2010)
Starring: Jude Law, Forest Whittaker, Liev Schreiber, Alice Braga
Directed By: Miguel Sapochnick

Repo Men was one of those movies that I heard both really good and really bad things about from both reviewers and friends. So I was a little apprehensive about popping it in this past Friday night. However, I was really surprised by the movie, and I enjoyed its mish-mash of other futuristic movies.
The movie finds Jude Law playing Remy,  a man who works for “The Union”. “The Union” is an organization that gives people artificial limbs and organs at ridiculous prices. Lucky for their clients, they offer a payment plan. Unlucky for those clients is that if you miss a payment and don’t pay within 90 days, Remy will come knocking at your door and will reclaim the organ.
Remy is joined by Jake (Whittaker), a fellow “repo man” who is slightly more unhinged than his coworker. Schrieber is their smarmy boss, who, along with Whittaker, insert an artificial heart into Remy after his equipment misfires on the job. After falling behind on his payment, Remy must make a break for it with the help of Beth, a fellow “anti-forge” user.
While Repo Men‘s visual of the future may not be entirely original, the idea of “replacement parts” for humans is pretty cool, and one that I’m surprised wasn’t used already. The fight scenes are very impressive, and the movie contained a lot of instances of humor interjected with the fight scenes and gore.
4 artificial hearts out of 5

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