Man today was a loooooong day. After working all day at North Hampton, I then helped rearrange the comic book store. while it was a long day, I got some Chinese food out of it, and it was really cool to finally hang out with my co-workers at someplace that wasn’t the comic store. I also picked up the new Spider-man video game (the review’s gonna be up whenever I finish it).This weekend was pretty busy as well, and guess what? I saw a movie.

Machete (2010)
Starring: Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan, Robert De Niro
Director: Robert Rodriguez (and Ethan Maniquis)

 For those who didn’t know, Machete started as one of the fake trailers that was inserted into Grindhouse, the criminally underrated flick by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez that celebrated crappy B-movies. Also directed by Rodriguez, the trailer told the story of an ex-federale who was double crossed by a dirty senator, and his brutal quest for revenge. Now, three years later, we have the movie that was promised to us.
Machete is the perfect movie for people who love the following:

-ridiculous action
-corny dialogue
-lots and lots of gore and violence
Like Grindhouse before it, the movie is a love letter to the flicks that dominated the cheap theaters in the 1970’s. The thing that makes this movie even better is the fact that everyone is in on the “joke” of the movie. Even Lindsay Lohan, though I’m pretty sure she wasn’t  aware that she was being filmed.
As I mentioned earlier, the film is a straight up revenge flick. That’s really all you need to know. It’s a movie that you know you will either love or hate based on the preview alone. Sure it could’ve lost ten or twenty minutes in the middle, and some of the jokes fall flat, but none of that takes away from the movie’s charm. Unfortunately it seems that not a lot of audiences were in on the joke either, as the film only came in third or fourth place at the box office. However, I think this movie is going to have a pretty huge cult following, and I can’t wait to have a double bill of this and The Expendables.
3 and 1/2 Machetes out of 4

NOTE: Rumor has it that Rodriguez is in talks to direct the “Deadpool” movie. If this happens, I hope he can make it in the “grindhouse” style, as THAT would be the best way to use the character on the big screen, in my opinion. 

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