Acquiring Sattelites

BOOM! Job interview one of two is complete! Went pretty well, all things considered… that I mean completely spacing on what job I had applied for. Luckily they mentioned it at the beginning of the interview so I was able to save face.
Usually when I go to interviews or places I don’t know, I borrow my lady’s GPS. Most of the time it’s used to really just help me in case I get lost, since most of the schools I have been to for interviews lately have been on roads either on or near major NH highways. Hampton School was gorgeous, and only a half hour away, which makes it fit into the “ideal” category.
Anyways, since I knew 80% of my journey, I decided to play the “Screw With Garmin” game, and purposefully take alternative routes to see how the GPS reacts. And here is today’s post.
Since I was going to have to take the Spaulding Turnpike regardless, I decided to hop onto it earlier than Garmin wanted me to. This of course, caused the GPS to lose its shit and recalculate 7 times. I’m sure that if it could, it would have sworn at me in its weird robot Australian accent. When i was already on the turnpike, it decided the best course of action would be to take the Durham/Concord exit (Exit 6W), stay on that for about 3 miles, then go back ONTO the Spaulding Turnpike. WHAT? On what planet would that make sense?* Luckily I was able to make it to The Hampton School on time, and make it back here in time to catch up on my DVR’d episodes of Gangland before I have to go work at Staples from 4-10.

*I know that had I turned off “avoid toll roads” that the GPS wouldn’t have told me to take the Durham exit. But I needed a blog topic and this has been the ONLY thing that I’ve done today. So there.

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  1. *satellitesYeah sorry I had toll roads and possibly highways turned off from when we went to the backwoods bodega the other night. Whoops! You should probably check the settings each time before you use it haha. Sorry!

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