Reverse Samson

 My my my. Guess who now has not only one job interview next week, but TWO? That’s right, yesterday I got a call from the Hampton School Department for an interview at their middle school. Sweetness. Now I just need to get my NH Teaching Certificate, which is easier said than done. The NH Department of Education website is so confusing you’d think that Edward E. Nigma was their webmaster. Ba-dum Bump! I’m currently in Ossipee awaiting to go for a routine cleaning with my dentist, or as I call him, Mr. Pokeyouinthegumsuntiltheybleedandmakeyoufeelbadaboutyouroralhygiene man. At least I’ll get another sweet tooth brush.

Anyways, today we’re going to pick up on Tuesday’s topic of the band Genesis. Per request of my lovely lady, I’m going to now briefly mention  the band’s career when Mr. Phil Collins became lead singer. As I mentioned in my previous Genesis entry, Collins was originally the drummer of the band, a position which gave him free reign to look like this:

“You kids wanna party?”
Wow. Middle Earth called, they’re looking for Gimli. At first I thought I had accidentally google image searched the homeless guy who used to sleep in the cart pickup at the grocey store I worked at in high school, but nope, that’s Mr. “In The Air Tonight” himself. Good god. THAT is what a rock star looked like, and should still look like. He look like he should be blasting Skynrd from his van in the parking lot of his old high school, not being a drummer for the fantastic Mr. Fox. Collins actually kept up this look for quite awhile, even going so far as to adopt the hobo look for one of their official videos:
Eventually after his first marriage ended, Collins gave up on the dwarf-chique look for the now “classic Phil Collins” look, which included the mythical “balding mullet”.
Thinning hair? Check.  Late 80’s/early 90’s outfit? Check. Telekinesis? DOUBLE CHECK

It’s interesting to note that the less hair Phil Collins had, the bigger mainstream success Genesis (and his solo career) achieved. Some people say he sold out, that the band lost touch with their prog rock roots.But no. You see, Phil Collins’ pop music know-how was merely trapped under the weight of his weird LOTR hair and hobo beard. Once they were shed, he was able to take over the world with his smooth, non-threatening “rock” and Tarzan soundtrack.

Phil Collins: The Reverse Samson.

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  1. yesss Tarzan. the song with n*sync is obviously the best!

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