The Point Of No Return

Well, it’s Comic-Con time, and once again, I’ve come THIS CLOSE to going. As you’ve probably figured out, those e-mails I received from “comic book” ending up leading nowhere. So for a second year in a row I ALMOST went to Comic-Con. One year……ONE YEAR I WILL GO! For now I’m going to have to settle with trying to find bootleg videos of the big reveals. Like this one:

So since I’m not heading out to San Diego to hang out with sweaty nerds, I’m going up to Ossipee for my Mom’s birthday. One thing about Ossipee: I’m amazed that I made it out alive. I honestly think I’m one of the 5% of people who ended up leaving the town and actually somewhat doing something with my life. Granted that “doing something with my life” is working at Staples and watching “Gangland” repeats on my days off, but at least I’m not still at Valuland trying to compete with the local Hannaford’s.

I’m even missing Pimp Vader and Boba Funk!

While I love going home and seeing my family, I feel like I can only be in town for 24 hours before I start to turn into Jack Nicholson in The Shining. I’m not big on running into people from High School and having to do that awkward small talk where you realize that the person you’re talking to is never leaving town. Perhaps this is why I’m dreading any and all High School reunions, even though I’m probably going to go because I’m curious as to who completely screwed up their lives, and who knocked up whom. But anyways…..
Yeah, this will be my weekend. I’m working at Jetpack tomorrow for our “Not At Comic-Con” sale, during which I’ll get to call a representative from Dark Horse Comics to find out what their big announcement is. I’m betting it’s more Star Wars comics, but holding out that it’s maybe more comics based on The Guild, and at least maybe attempting to get an autograph from Felicia Day. We also apparently got some more affordable Thor hammers, so you can bet on me getting one and annoying the hell out of people with it. MJOLNIR!

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  1. mjolnir? really? what is that, norse for hammer?

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