Takin’ What They’re Givin’….

CAUSE I’M WORKING FOR A LIVIN’! First day at Staples! Woo! Basically all I did today was run the register, which was fine, cause I was making money and out of my apartment for once. I was mad tired though, mainly because of my insanely busy weekend. First was Inception, then Six Flags, which was a lot of fun, despite the fact that it was A) 96 degrees out, and B) that I spent way too much money on dumb nerd stuff. But who ELSE can boast an awesome “Legion Of Doom” t-shirt and Batman bottle opener? That’s right, NO ONE.
BUT NOW…………my first (non-facebook) MOVIE REVIEW!

Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page

Ladies and gentlemen, exhibit #1,234 of why Christopher Nolan is one of our generation’s best filmmakers. Inception is a movie that Nolan has been working on for the past TEN YEARS, and his devotion to the film he has created shows in every scene. Nolan has created a world full of incredible visuals, engrossing characters, and a central mystery that stays with you long after the final scene.
I’m going to do my best to not spoil anything for you. Leo stars as Dom Cobb, a man who can enter your mind while you are dreaming (via a “dream machine”) and steal your deepest secrets. He is of course hired by companies to uncover the secrets of their rivals, something that one would assume comes at a very high price. 
However, the main job that drives the plot for this film is Cobb being hired to commit “inception”: to plant an idea inside the mind of the heir to a company, preventing it from becoming a monopoly. Arthur, played by Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, says that it’s “impossible”, while Cobb believes that he can do it (and audiences will find out why). With the aid of his crew of thieves, they enter the mind of this young businessman (played by Scarecrow himself, Cillian Murphy), and start to put their plan in action, even though Cobb is keeping a secret from his accomplices. A secret that could kill all of them. 
Every actor in this movie is at the top of their game. JGL’s “Arthur” is a great member of the team, both badass and hilarious, and I hope the rumors of him playing The Riddler in the next Batman movie are true, as he would be a stellar addition to the amazing list of actors who have recently portrayed members of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery. Tom Hardy oozes charisma as Eames, the “forger” of the group, and I have no doubt that he will go on to bigger roles thanks to this role (in fact, he’s replacing Mel Gibson for the new “Mad Max” movie). Ellen Page serves as “the architect” of the group, and as the newcomer she learns about the rules of the dream world alongside us, the audience. Marion Cotillard is “Mal”, Cobb’s mysterious wife, and the less said about her the better, as anything more would ruin one of the movie’s best surprises. 
With Inception Christopher Nolan has created a modern day classic. Equal parts The Matrix, Blade Runner, and old-school 007 movies, Inception is the movie that WILL get Nolan the Best Picture Oscar nomination he has deserved countless times before *COUGH*DARK KNIGHT*COUGH*,  and it is one of the few bright spots in a summer filled with lackluster sequels and crappy 3-D effects. Just like people remember when they saw Jaws or Jurassic Park in years past, people will remember the first time they saw Inception twenty years from now. 

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