Well, Well, Well, Guess Who Called?

SO, Toys R Us finally called me today, stating how sorry they were that my background check took so long (we’re coming up on almost a MONTH) and asking if I still wanted the job or not. I politely declined, seeing as how Staples will be offering me even more money than they ever would. Also, I still haven’t heard from GameStop, so I’m guessing that’s not happening.
Today’s post is gonna be brief, as I’ve got a pretty full day today (finally). I’ve got to go in at noon-thirty to watch the Staples employee video, and then I’ve got to jet up to the comic store to help out at another Magic tournament thingy. Tomorrow I’m finally checking out Inception, so keep it posted here for a review either Sunday or Monday…..probably Monday, cause I’m going to Six Flags on Sunday. Busy weekend!

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