Decisions, Decisions (and Comic Book Reviews!)

So my interview with GameStop went really well. I’m supposed to hear back today at some point. But life can’t be easy, can it?
As the one of you who read this blog know, I had a Staples interview today. To be completely honest, I thought I had botched the whole thing, only to have them offer me a job as a “Tech Solutions” rep/Salesman. Not entirely what I was expecting, but they’ll pay me 9.05 an hour to do it, and train me. So unless GameStop can offer me something similar (or better), it looks like I’ll be toiling away at Staples.

Hey it’s Wednesday, which means COMIC BOOK REVIEWS!!!!!!

Superman #701
Okay, I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m not the world’s biggest Superman fan. While I appreciate the character as a comic book fan, to me he’s too perfect to really relate to, or read on a regular basis. However, here comes J. Michael Stracznski, the awesome writer of The Brave and The Bold, Thor and the first couple of years of his Amazing Spider-man run (before he had the reveal that Gwen Stacy had kids with Norman Osborn). JMS has made it very publicly known that he loves Superman, and now he finally has the chance to tell the story that’s been festering in his brain for years. Issue 701 is the first act of “Grounded”, in which Superman decides to walk…across America. He still flies when necessary, but is staying on the ground on a search to find America and what it means to be a hero. While the idea of him walking cross country until he “finds what he’s looking for” (Cue U2!) is a little hokey, I really enjoyed the snippets where Supes is walking through small town America, particularly the old man on the porch with the heart problem.
An enjoyable issue, but for now I’m keeping it on an issue by issue basis.

Batman #701
Grant Morrison is back on Batman, and depending on your thoughts on “Batman R.I.P.” it may be a good or a bad thing. While I definitely understand the criticism of “R.I.P.”, I found that it read a lot easier in collected form, and Morrison’s Batman and Robin is a must read comic for me whenever it comes out. This issue has Morrison and artist Tony Daniel re-team to fill in the blanks on what happened to Bruce Wayne between the events of “R.I.P” and Final Crisis, where Bats got hit by Darkseid’s omega beam and was thought to be dead but in fact sent back in time (yes, I know).
Perhaps it’s cause I am in the clan of people who usually enjoy Morrison’s work, but I felt this issue was very easy to read and enjoyable. It seems that maybe Morrison has finally started to listen to the criticism (both deserved and undeserved) being sent his way and is answering some of the questions that he thought people would be able to figure out. While I’m still not entirely sold on the “Dr. Hurt” angle here, I am glad we’re seeing the pieces being put together, and Tony Daniel’s art, as usual, is great. A must read for those who love everything Morrison touches or Batman fans, but unless you’ve been trying to catch up on this whole “Return Of Bruce Wayne” event via the trades, I’d say wait until the eventual “R.I.P.” Omnibus.

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  1. I find that I, your reader, am actually interested in your comic book reviews. Is this good news or bad? I cannot tell?Also, I enjoy how you have started tagging all of your entries. I imagine a listing of entries containing the "nerd" tag would include every single post on this blog. Am I wrong? Nope.

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